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🌱When I was in college in Medellín, a professor told me that I should always be sure of myself because I was a diamond in the rough, and to shape a diamond you had to work hard, that is why the great treasures and the most appreciated stones are the most difficult to find and are the ones you have to work the hardest for.

And wow🎢🎢... After all this time I am beginning to understand it!!

❣️This week I have started a new job and obviously, I am super happy about this great achievement (after my first week, I am still crying from happiness).

Indeed, I have also taken the time to try to understand how I got here and how I did it when I am only 25 years old and I have had to live through so many things, that many times I wanted to give up.

But I think this answer lies in how ambitious and curious I am, and also, I have never allowed anything or anyone to tell me that I can't make my dreams come true. Although at times, I have had moments when all this overthinking has made me feel insecure about myself...

🚀There is still a long way to go and that's why I have also made this post, to tell people that to become a diamond, we must understand our own processes and not feel demotivated or allow other people to make us feel like failures, because of the place we come from and the path we are going through. Everyone has their own time to shine and that does not mean that it is the time that society tells us it needs to be.

😍Enjoy your journey, don't compare yourself with others, dream, respect the dreams and the processes of others, and above all don’t be so cruel to yourself. ☀️

At the beginning of the year, I made a go fund that I had called: How simple acts of kindness can change lives.

💫 Remember to keep doing acts of kindness, no matter the size or your situation, we are all a chain that in one way or another is connected, and if you have doubts look around or get out of your comfort zone, because mother nature teaches this to us, every day.💫

Many thanks to all the people who have crossed my path and to those who have indirectly crossed my path as well.

Con mucho amor❤️

Denis Sulay Pérez Osorio

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