I’m Denis Sulay Pérez Osorio and I was born in Segovia, Antioquia – Colombia on the 16th of July 1995. I lived there for almost one year and a half, but then my mum took the decision to move to the city because she had already been affected by the conflicts between the government and other armed paramilitary groups.
She didn’t want me and my brother to grow up in such environment so she first moved to Medellin and after a couple of months my father did that too.

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Thanks to the people they knew there in the city, my parents could give us a place to live and food to grow up. For them, it wasn’t so easy at the beginning due to economic issues but with time and efforts things got better.


My mum is the strongest person who I know in my life. She managed to raise us just with the scarce resources she had. During that period there was just me, my mum, my brother and my sister. Surely, we missed a lot of things that could make her job easier, but thanks to the people that we were surrounded by she managed to do that and, apparently, she did it really well.
One of the most important things that I learned from her it’s that it doesn’t matter which battle you are fighting you should always help others because there would always be someone more in need than you out there.

Hi :) In these lines, I would like to present you with a brief story about me. I know that it is impossible that you could know me well enough through it, but I hope that this chapter at least gives you some idea about who I am, the main challenges that I had to face and maybe that it would inspire you a little bit :)


When I was about to finish school I decided to study English because I dreamt about traveling and exploring the world and also because I wanted to start up a company.


My experience at the university was atypical because thanks to the SENA I just needed to accomplish a half degree while working to help my family out.

During my studies I definitely met friends that I can say have made a real impact on my life. With them I started to discover that success is not just about luck, is also about attitude and perseverance so being around positive people definitely shaped my life.


My experience in India taught me and empowered me a lot. There I found a world completely different from mine and I learnt that love, friendship and kindness have the same meaning around the world and thanks to such experience I connected with people from every tiny corner of the world. I understood that, regardless of where you are from, your economic status and your family issue we have the gift to dream big and that is a present from the life and we cannot allow any circumstances to take it away from us.


After my experience in India, I have been traveling around Europe looking forward to improving my professional and personal life. It has been a mix of feelings and sacrifices because many times I had to face difficult economic situations, issues with immigration at the airports and, sometimes, even discrimination and racism just because I come from Latinoamerica, etc... but as a dreamer, I am not giving up on my dreams and if you are reading these last lines, please do not give up on yours either. Remember that we all are rough diamonds, and we have to value more ourselves, giving us positive messages, not comparing ourselves with others because we are owners of our journeys and goals and we must fight for them. However, it is true that there is always so much to sacrifice but it is also true that life is full of wonders to enjoy, always. That is the main reason why I am always thankful to the people with whom I crossed my path.

Thank you so much for your time!

With love and the best vibes